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Online M.B.A. Marketing Concentration

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Marketing in today’s business environment is challenging: Consumers have more choices than ever, and digital technology is changing how businesses communicate with potential customers. The M.B.A. with a concentration in Marketing at Seton Hall University provides you with a broad-based understanding of this vital area of business to transform you into an effective marketing leader.

The four-course concentration focuses on the core marketing functions and how to use them to create effective strategies in a fragmented and digital landscape. You’ll learn how to collect and interpret data, manage customer relationships, and develop and maintain a strong brand. Courses incorporate software and applications widely used by marketers for qualitative and quantitative research, including Qualtrics for market research and SPSS for statistical analysis of data. Effective techniques for social and digital advertising are also emphasized.

Marketing Concentration Courses

BMKT 7611 Marketing Research (3)
BMKT 7636 The Science of Persuasion (3)
BMKT 7640 Corporate Branding Strategy (3)
BMKT 7652 / BITM 7652 Interactive Marketing (3)

The curriculum is frequently evaluated by a market research advisory board that consists of practitioners who hail from a wide variety of professional organizations, including non-profits, small businesses, research firms, and independent consultants. This ensures that coursework is relevant and teaches skills needed in today’s rapidly evolving marketing environment, and also can lead to academically and professionally rewarding mentor/mentee relationships. In addition, the involvement of local businesses in the advisory board has led to many of the students in our marketing graduate programs to receive job offers before they graduate.

Your specialized marketing expertise, combined with the comprehensive understanding of business gained in the M.B.A. core courses, will put you at a strong advantage in the job market and for advancement.

An online M.B.A. from Seton Hall University’s nationally-recognized School of Business supports your academic and ethical development while giving you hands-on experience and specialization opportunities. Prepare to advance in your current role or to build a promising career in an entirely new industry. Contact an Admissions Advisor at (844) 823-1198 to learn more or Request More Information.