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Online Master of Public Administration in Non-Profit Management Curriculum

The M.P.A. curriculum consists of 42 credit hours of M.P.A. courses and is designed to prepare graduates to lead with purpose in management roles in the non-profit sector. The program includes:

NASPAA Accreditated
  • Core courses: 15 credits
  • Non-Profit Concentration courses: 21 credits
  • Non-Profit Elective course: 3 credits
  • Capstone course: 3 credits

Core Courses (15 credits)
PSMA 6001 The Environment of Public Service Management (3)
PSMA 6002 Research Methods and Statistical Analysis (3)
PSMA 6004 The Economic Environment of Public Service Management (3)
PSMA 6011 Cross-Sector Collaboration and Cooperation (3)
PSMA 7715 Ethics in Public Service (3)

Non-Profit Concentration (21 credits)
PSMA 7311 Foundations of Non-profits (3)
PSMA 7312 Non-profit Leadership and Management (3)
PSMA 7314 Financial Management for Non-profit Organizations (3)
PSMA 73XX Non-profits and Public Policy (3)
PSMA 73XX Non-profit HR Management and Volunteer Management (3)
PSMA 731X Non-profit Fundraising, Development, and Grant Writing (3)
PSMA 8312 Non-profit Advocacy/ Lobbying (3)

Non-Profit Elective (3 credits) (choose one)
PSMA 8313 Nonprofit Law (3)
PSMA 83XX Social Entrepreneurship (3)

Capstone Course (3 credits) (choose one)
PSMA 7991 Internship* (3)
PSMA 7992 Capstone* (3)
PSMA 7993 Research Seminar* (3)

M.P.A. Core Course Descriptions

Non-Profit Concentration Course Descriptions

Non-Profit Elective Course Descriptions

Capstone Course Descriptions