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PSMA 6002 Research Methods and Statistical Analysis


Format: Online
Duration: 8 weeks

Introduces both quantitative and qualitative research methods and statistical analysis. Topics include descriptive and inferential statistics, issues in sampling and hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, regression and time series analysis, as well as survey design. Computer software is used for statistical analysis.


Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of PSMA 6002, you will have the skills to:

  • Explain the scientific foundations of social inquiry.
  • Translate abstract concepts into measurable variables.
  • Apply advanced research methods and statistical analysis in the workplace.
  • Write a research design to address questions of interest.
  • Use the appropriate techniques to test hypotheses about relationships between variables.
  • Visualize and analyze data using R.
  • Consume, critique, and produce social scientific research.

Assignment Spotlight

DataViz Project

This project allows you to showcase the data visualization skills you develop while exploring research methods and statistical analysis. You will find a dataset on any topic of interest to you, explore the data, use R to create appropriate visualizations, and tell a nuanced story about the data using these graphs.

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