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PSMA 6004 The Economic Environment of Public Service Management


Format: Online
Duration: 8 weeks

This course explores the economic factors affecting nonprofit organizations, healthcare, arts, and public service organizations. It introduces microeconomic principles, with some coverage of fiscal, monetary, and regulatory policies, as well as public goods and problems of market failure. Economic concepts and tools as they relate to the management of public service organizations are also covered.


Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of PSMA 6004, you will have the skills to:

  • Direct future nonprofit and public administrators, with or without introductory economics classes, to managerial techniques based on microeconomic theory.
  • Assist students in realizing the unique constraints and institutional framework in which these organizations operate.
  • Interpret the contribution of economics to public administration and stimulate interest in ongoing research.
  • Identify the diverse economic factors affecting nonprofit organizations.

Assignment Spotlight

Podcast Series

Each student will record a 10- to 15-minute podcast that critically evaluates current research on the emergence of social enterprise as a compliment and a competitor to the traditional structure of nonprofit organizations. The podcast will be recorded as an interview/conversation conducted online or in-person with the instructor.

This assignment consists of three parts:

  • Peer-reviewed article search and selection
  • A written summary of the peer-reviewed article and proposed questions and answers for the interview
  • Podcast recorded and posted

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