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PSMA 6011 Cross-Sector Collaboration and Cooperation


Format: Online
Duration: 8 weeks

Addressing public issues requires leaders in all three sectors – public, private, and nonprofit – to work collaboratively across sector boundaries. This course will explore the current practices and challenges of cross-sector collaborations and partnerships while drawing on theoretical frameworks developed for collaborative governance. As the boundaries between sectors blur, approaches of one sector are often adopted and employed by another. We will explore the management challenges arising from multi-sector collaboration and sector blurring, particularly those deriving from the increased adoption of marketized and managerial forms emerging from the neoliberal frame.


Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of PSMA 6011, you will have the skills to:

  • Provide leadership in cross-boundary settings and situations that promote and constrain collaborations and partnerships.
  • Examine contexts in which collaborations and partnerships develop to assess opportunities and constraints.
  • Analyze the specific components of contracting relationships, collaborations, and partnerships (and be able to communicate their analysis in written and oral forms) to strengthen their overall effectiveness.
  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of the benefits and challenges of cross-sector collaborations.

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