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PSMA 7992 Practicum


Format: Online
Duration: 8 weeks

Consists of a 3-credit, group-consulting project related to an area of public service, nonprofit, arts, or healthcare administration or management. The MPA practicum typically requires writing a management report and delivery of an oral presentation for the subject organization. All work is completed under faculty supervision.


Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of PSMA 7992, you will have the skills to:

  • Present research in a professional manner.
  • Collaborate with other professionals to develop nonprofit fundraising and development plans.
  • Adhere to a schedule of processes to carry out a strategic plan.
  • Apply experience gained through your M.P.A. practicum to your future career.

Assignment Spotlight

Capstone Project

You will complete your M.P.A. Capstone in teams in collaboration with the Center for Community Research and Engagement on a project to develop for a nonprofit organization in our local community. The class will meet via Zoom during the first week to select projects, form teams, and meet with nonprofit representatives. Next, students will develop a work plan, including the scope of the project and what the group plans to accomplish through this study. The work plan should outline steps the group will take to achieve the goals of the project. It should also include a timeline for completion of individual project components, as well as a target date for completion draft and final reports. Students will present their findings, in teams, to the nonprofit representatives during the last week of class via Zoom.

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The course information on this page is meant to provide a thorough overview and is subject to change based on term, faculty, and/or institutional requirements.