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Online Master of Science in Professional Accounting Curriculum

The online M.S.P.A. curriculum from Seton Hall University was designed to provide real-world experiences while giving professional accountants the ability to choose an accounting focus area based on their interests and career goals.

A A C S B Accreditation
Forbes Best Value College 2017The Princeton Review Best Business Schools 2018

The online program consists of 30 credit hours of M.S. in Professional Accounting courses, including:

  • Required accounting/tax courses: 6 credit hours
  • Accounting/tax electives: 12 credit hours
  • Business courses: 12 credit hours (including 6 credits of electives)

I. Accounting/Tax Courses (18 credits)
A. Research-Based Course – Take one of the following two courses:
BACC 8001 Financial Accounting Seminar (3)
BTAX 6003 Tax Research (3)

B. Taxation requirement
BACC 7135 Essentials of Federal Taxation (3)

C. Accounting Electives*
BACC 7210 Forensic Accounting (3)
BACC 7133 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting (3)
BACC 7127 Enterprise-Wide Accounting Information Systems II (3)
BACC 7101 Financial Statement Analysis (3)

D. Accounting/Tax Electives (12 credits)
Any approved graduate BACC or BTAX courses at the 6000 level or higher. Accounting Internship courses cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.

II. Required Business Courses (6 credits)
A. BLAW 7314 Commercial Law (3)
B. BACC 7117 International Accounting (3)

III. Graduate Business Electives (6 credits)
Includes any three-credit MBA non-accounting elective where the student satisfies the course prerequisite, three-credit graduate internship courses (BACC7190 and BACC7191) if the student has a full-time professional accounting work experience, and any additional accounting/tax elective once additional electives are added to the online program.

* Students that have not taken Advanced Accounting of Auditing in their undergraduate program may also take these courses as MSPA electives.

Required Research-Based Accounting/Tax Course (Select One Course)

Required Taxation of Business Entities Course

Accounting/Tax Electives* (12 credits)

Required Business Courses (6 Credits)