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Certificate in Post-Conflict State Reconstruction and Sustainability Online Curriculum

This online certificate program teaches you a comprehensive foundation for creating sustainable peace in societies that have emerged from violent conflict. The international relations and diplomacy curriculum consists of selecting five diplomacy courses for a total of 15 graduate credits.

Choose 5 of the Following 6 Graduate Course Options (15 Credits Total):
DIPL 6004 Peacemaking and Peacekeeping (3)
DIPL 6250 Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Plural Societies (3)
DIPL 6251 Justice, Truth and Reconciliation in Post Conflict Societies (3)
DIPL 6252 Institutions of Post Conflict Governance (3)
DIPL 6253 Civil Conflict and Development (3)
DIPL 6254 Fieldwork in Post-Conflict Societies (3)

Course Descriptions