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The Benefits of an M.B.A. Marketing Internship

Earning an M.B.A. helps position marketing professionals for career growth, but many students also find value in completing one or more marketing internships while earning their degrees.

If you are a full-time student (or a working professional with the ability to double-up your workload or take off for a few weeks in the summer), finding the right internship can be a valuable addition to your professional resume.

However, landing a choice internship can be competitive, especially if there are limited options in your region. It is worth the effort, though. “For many M.B.A.s, the internship is a direct path to their first job out of school,” stated a recent Business Insider article.

Here are just a few examples of the types of M.B.A. marketing internships to consider. And a tip: It’s natural to think about working at large national companies, but don’t forget the smaller companies in your area. Interns often get more valuable, hands-on experience in workplaces where there is less hierarchy.

Communications Internships

Nearly every industry needs communications professionals that focus on public-facing messages, such as product and services related items like white papers or case studies, and manage media interaction or create community awareness. Under this umbrella, there are several types of internships that can help M.B.A. graduates gain experience. These include:

  • Advertising: Internships in the advertising world allow you to exercise your creative skills while also learning how to boil your messaging down to a few keywords and sentences. Learning experiences in this industry provide you the opportunity to help develop and launch advertising campaigns and analyze how effectively they support their business objectives.
  • Corporate Communications: You may handle both internal and external communications of an organization, which may include internal and external newsletters, media interviews, press releases, promotions, and public mitigation of negative events.
  • Public relations, public information: Public relations or information specialists can work in nearly any industry that has an ongoing need to communicate with the media and/or the public. These can include nonprofits seeking to raise funds and draw awareness to a cause.

Internet Marketing Internships

Are you particularly interested in the growing potential of digital communications to reach consumers, create brand awareness, and generate revenue? Online opportunities continue to expand as online media becomes increasing popular.

  • Email marketing: Businesses use email marketing to reach consumers (B2C) or other businesses (B2B). They create email campaigns tailored to the interests of their audience in hopes of uncovering new customers. Writing, research, and data skills are valuable in this field.
  • Search engine marketing: Increasingly, organizations are learning how to manage and control the way their products or brands climb in local or national search-engine results.
  • Social media: Plan, execute, and track the strategy and success of an organization’s social media campaigns, using multiple platforms and data analytics.
  • Web content: Help manage a website or web channel, including content, consumer interaction, analytics, and data tracking.
  • Web producer: Most web producers are hands-on content generators who can write, assign, edit and post articles, photographs, and video meant for specific audiences, with the objective of increasing traffic and driving revenue.

Product Marketing Internships

If the thought of one day running a large product-oriented company appeals to you, consider an internship where you get an up-close and detailed look at what it takes to bring a product to market, sell it, and manage a brand.

  • Retail marketing: This can include product launches, retail strategy and display, creative development, packaging and product materials, and digital or print content.
  • Brand management: In today’s digitally-connected marketplace, almost anything can be a brand: a consumer product, a broadcast entity, an author, a celebrity sports figure, a service company. Brand managers support, enhance and expand a brand’s name identification and reputation through the media, promotions and consumer interaction.

Research and Data Internships

If your strength is in data collection and analysis, you may be best suited to internships or jobs where you organize and present data in ways that can further an organization’s goals.

  • Marketing analyst: What is the reach of an organization’s marketing campaigns? Learn to develop and launch marketing strategy, using demographic and analytic information.
  • Information architect: Gather, study, and analyze multiple sources of data as they pertain to a company’s success in accomplishing its objectives.
  • Consumer or market research: Help identify, study and develop trends, target markets and consumer response to products, ideas, launches or events.

The benefits of internships are extensive. They offer experience and a real-world-glimpse of a career path and networking opportunities. But an internship is just one step in a rewarding career path.

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