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MBA Student Testimonials

Cheryl StallingsCheryl Stallings, M.B.A. ’11

Sr. Director of Programming and Content-Asia at National Basketball Association

"Seton Hall’s M.B.A. program provides students with the tools to succeed and excel by having access to outstanding faculty and administrators coupled with a streamlined program specifically designed for working adults."

Claudia KoClaudia Ko, M.B.A.

Associate District Manager, ADP

"The Seton Hall University MBA will teach you business skills and how to think like an entrepreneur in many ways. It challenges you to lead others and to know when you need to follow someone else. I also feel you will learn lessons you did not expect or plan to learn and these moments of development are critical to being marketable in today’s job market! I have met alumni and business partners who have given me feedback and guidance, become mentors to me and their wisdom has served me so well in my career as well as personal pursuits and personal life."