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7 Top M.B.A. Marketing Jobs

Traditionally, people think of an M.B.A. as an important ingredient in advancing a career in finance, product development or business leadership. But an M.B.A. can also be beneficial for those looking to advance in their marketing career.

Here are 7 key career path opportunities for marketing professionals that have earned M.B.A.s:

1. Director of Marketing

  • What the job is: Marketing directors oversee an organization’s marketing staff and are responsible for budgets, strategy, and creating and implementing marketing campaigns. They often serve as liaisons to the public, communicating with staff and supervising a company’s branding and social media efforts.
  • Job outlook/salary potential: The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects job growth in advertising, promotions and marketing management roles to be nine percent through 2024, which it deems to be “faster than average.” The BLS also reports that the median annual salary for marketing managers was $124,850 in 2015.

2. Digital Marketing Director

  • What the job is: A digital marketing director may perform several of the same functions as a marketing director, but will primarily be focused on the digital aspects of a company’s marketing efforts, including websites, video, social media and content on multiple platforms.
  • Job outlook/salary potential: This is a rapidly growing field; even small companies are realizing they must have a digital presence to remain competitive. Glassdoor reports that directors of digital marketing can earn more than $91,000 per year. The BLS projects job growth in advertising, promotions and marketing management roles—especially digital roles in new media—to be faster than the national average for all other occupations.

3. Public Relations Specialist/Manager/Director

  • What the job is: Public relations specialists create and help maintain a company’s image. Their role includes everything from writing press releases to speaking to the media to handling public-facing situations to ensure an organization is portrayed in the best light, such as in the event of a product recall.
  • Job outlook/salary potential: The BLS projects growth in this area to be about seven percent through 2024. The agency also shows median annual salaries to be about $56,770 for public relations specialists and $104,140 per year for public relations managers.

4. Market Research Analyst

  • What the job is: M.B.A. graduates with a passion for analytics may want to consider a career as a market research analyst. A professional in this role will analyze the company’s competition, develop white papers, assess stakeholder needs and offer strategic planning based on consumer data.
  • Job outlook/salary potential: The outlook for market research analysts in the United States is very good. The BLS projects a 19 percent increase in employment through 2024. BLS research also puts median annual salaries at about $62,150 a year.

5. Product Marketing Manager

  • What the job is: Promoting and enhancing the performance of one or more of a company’s specific products or brands. The product marketing manager might perform all the same duties as a general marketing manager, but is typically dedicated to a single product line. 
  •  Job outlook/salary potential: The average national salary is more than $111,000 annually, according to Glassdoor, but some prominent brands offer even more attractive salaries to product managers, especially to those with significant experience. Projected growth is a healthy nine percent through 2024, according to the job outlook for advertising, promotions and marketing management roles.

6. Advertising and Promotions Manager

  •  What the job is: Planning and executing strategy for a company’s advertising and promotional efforts. This covers strategic campaigns in digital, television, radio and print advertising, contests targeting specific audience segments, and internal and external company events.
  •  Job outlook/salary potential: The BLS projects growth in this field to remain steady at about 9 percent through 2024. The agency pinpoints the median annual salary at $124,850.

7. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

  • What the job is: This is the top marketing job in any large organization, responsible for all aspects of the company’s marketing strategy and performance as well as overseeing all related staff.
  • Job outlook/salary potential: Glassdoor data shows the average national salary for a CMO to be about $190,000, with top corporations offering salaries nearing $350,000 per year. The BLS projects a six percent increase in the number of top executives through 2024.

Next Steps in Your M.B.A. Planning

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